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The “Rise Up” apparel line came about, because we didn’t want it to be just another “lacrosse lifestyle” line.  Rise Up Apparel is created with the mindset that you are wearing this gear to sweat, get better, and “Rise Up” every morning to reach your goals, beat out your competitors, and to strive to be the best you can be.  The Lacrosse Head with the Sunrise in the background symbolizes a sense of pride, that you are waking up early to work hard and succeed everyday, whether it is in life, or lacrosse.  We have called it the “Rise Up” apparel line, instead of just “Rise” apparel, because we want it to resonate with everyone who sees it, to be motivated that this is not only a lacrosse way of life, but an everyday way of life.

We try to incorporate “trendy colors” each season, so that the apparel can be worn not only to work out in, but out and about.  If you have ideas for colors, we are more than happy to take those into consideration.  In the future we will have shorts, socks, hats, etc. that also incorporate the “Rise Up” way of life.

We love getting feedback in order to make not only our apparel line better, but our company better as well.  Get out and “Rise Up” with Rise Lacrosse!